Full Service Contract Labor Specializing in Oil and Gas, Disaster Relief, and Environmental Cleanup

New Direction Environmental is always on standby for the world’s emergency preparedness, recovery, response and mitigation needs from helping to rebuild entire communities to clean up and disposal needs. We are available to provide helping hands during floods, hurricanes, oil spills, wildfires, chemical spills, and other situations that may threaten the lives and health of the public.

New Direction Environmental can develop plans, train and plan management for our customers. We develop plans for natural disasters, rescue, fire, oil spills, hazmat and more.

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Our environmental consulting services are affordable and backed by decades of experience across many fields.
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Disaster Relief & Natural Disaster Relief

We are sending teams to help when natural disasters occur, New Direction Environmental is dedicated to supporting our nation when Natural Disaster hits. Offering clean up, pick ups, disbursement of supplies we offer round the clock general labor services. Making an impact around the united states our dedication to a safe clean environment for us all call our 24 hour services line for immediate inquiries regarding our ability to deploy workers immediately.

HAZMAT Technicians

Hazardous Materials Technicians or hazardous materials removal workers are responsible for locating hazardous materials, such as asbestos. New Direction Environmental HAZMAT technicians are responsible for monitoring data and responding to that data, so they need to be capable of paying attention to details and using effective decision-making in emergency situations. Once these materials are removed hazmat technicians may have to take steps to prepare the hazardous materials so that they can be transported safely. Since they work with very dangerous materials it’s important that they pay attention to detail and follow procedures carefully to ensure that the materials are properly handled.

HazWOPER Training

All New Direction Environmental team members are HazWOPER certified and we offer affordable HazWOPER Training in Houston and the greater Houston area. Hazardous Materials Technician (HMT) is a five-day course that prepares Operations-level responders for Technician-level Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) certification. This 40-hour course, based on NFPA® 472 standards, provides participants with HAZMAT-specific response knowledge and skills, enabling them to respond safely and effectively to a suspected incident at the hazardous materials technician level.

Environmental Consulting

New Direction Environmental’s environmental consulting services are affordable and backed by decades of experience across many fields.Experience consultants that provide high quality environmental services when you needed. Our follow up and competitive advantage gives our customers unparalleled experience from experts. Contact us today to discuss your environmental service needs.

PM – Project Managers

New Direction Environmental project managers are responsible for managing and directing the project team by providing the communication, coordination and follow-up necessary to meet the project goals and objectives. We maintain ongoing training and mentoring of the project team. Providing ongoing project information and project reviews as required by management or client expectations. We establish project procedures consistent with contractual documents and the company quality plan for all project work.

SRSO – Site Radiation Safety Officers

Our staff will establish, maintain, enforce and control the company gauge radiation safety program and act as the contact person for the regulatory agency. When the company is contacted or inspected by the regulatory agency they will want to speak with the SRSO. New Direction Environmental management is required to supply the SRSO with the necessary means, including training, to carry out the position of SRSO and should work with the SRSO to make sure that all conditions and compliance of the license are met.

NORM Technicians – Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material

New Direction Environmental Technicians can help with water and waste treatment facilities, sites which handle oil or gas drilling pipes, natural gas and propane processing facilities, sites which process uranium or radium ore, thorium processing sites, facilities that handle radium illuminated instruments and dials, radon in buildings, and disposal and recycling facilities.

EO – Equipment Operators

New Direction Environmental (EOs) operate heavy equipment in compliance with the company’s operating safety policies and procedures. Responsible for load/unload equipment and material from vehicles and trailers. Ensure company equipment and material is maintained, kept clean, and stored in a safe manner. We maintain service logs and pre/post trip inspection procedures and are able to verify details of work orders to ensure accuracy of work performed. Equipment operators proactively communicate with superintendent/project managers and coworkers.

Confined Space Entry and Rescue

New Direction Environmental highly skilled rescue personnel provide services tailored to your unique needs, whether your operation is onshore or off. We can provide your site with qualified on site rescue/standby teams.

  • High angle rescue/above ground activities
  • Confined-space rescue
  • Fall protection rescue
  • Remote locations
  • Difficult work locations

Safety Attendants

Our safety professionals work within the safety department of our customers heavy industrial/construction companies. Looking for those who can perform Site Safety Management, Site Safety Technicians, Confined Space Attendant/Hole Watch, and Fire Watches. New Direction Environmental have the right professional that can fulfill the job.

We identify by performing daily audits and appraises conditions which could produce accidents and financial loss. Enforcing accident prevention and loss control systems and programs for incorporation in operational policies and procedures. Our staff assist in the implementation of safety activities with the department managers to ensure a safe work environment. Assisting in compiling statistical data and metrics to improve performance among key safety indicators for industrial and construction companies.

Hydroblast Technicians

Our experienced hydroblasters have safety council and site specific training. New Direction Environmental hydroblast technicians transport waste, performs safe setup, operates safely, inspects, maintains and repairs. We use high pressure water blasting equipment to perform proper removal, containment, transporting, and disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials for the purpose of cleaning any scope of work.We have technicians that can conduct low-pressure and high-pressure hydroblasting depending on our customers job needs.
Our hydroblasters go through a rigorous training that teaches technicians:

  • Identification and use of all safety equipment needed for completion of project.
  • Proper start up and safety checks prior to and after start up of the project.
  • Evaluation of site and communication with others during site preparation.
  • Proper site preparation to insure the safety of oneself and all employees.
  • Proper setup of equipment.

ERT – Emergency Response Technicians

Emergency Response Technicians for New Direction Environmental maintain protection of the environment and the health and safety of our employees, customers on the site in which we are operating. Support and facilitate employee and contractor involvement in safety, health, security, and emergency response systems.
Serve as or assist incident commander during emergency situations on the worksite. Serve as central EOC coordinator when required during emergency situations.
Follow New Direction Environmental Standard Operating Procedures and Preplans for Emergency Response Team.

Property Preservation

Maintaining properties, including vacant or foreclosed properties, by ensuring necessary repairs are made, points of entery are secure etc.

Cleaning & Maintenance

New Direction Environmental can provide Plant, Manufacturing Facility & Industrial Cleaning Services in the United States. Our management team will conduct a full onsite inspection to fully understand the necessity and importance of each step within the whole scope of the building maintenance processes. A detailed cleaning and maintenance plan is then developed specific to meeting the industry standards and regulations.

Although New Directional Environmental specializes in large above-ground storage tanks, our company has experience in cleaning everything from ink tanks to molasses. Our team of industrial tank cleaning experts guarantee you a clean, waste and gas-free tank regardless of the size of the tank, the type of services, or the amount of remaining sludge. Providing the list of specialized cleaning to crude oil tank farms, product terminals, refineries, power plants and industrial tanks.

New Direction Environmental has the expertise and equipment to safely perform any chemical cleaning projects. Chemical cleaning is a method to derive surfaces and walls of equipment, pipelines, vessels, kettles and heat exchangers of unwanted contaminants. Chemical cleaning also means the purification, conditioning, treatment or disinfection of water.

Mold Abatement & Demo

All New Direction Environmental team members are certified in mold removal and dust removal. New Direction Environmental understands the science behind mold growth and have the training and experience to safely remediate mold in your business or homes. We scrub the surface mold stains from walls and wood trim demo areas discussed with clients and follow up to assure removal.

Vacuum Truck Services

70 bbl – 90 bbl vacuum truck
130 bbl – 150 bbl vacuum tanker
Salt water, fresh water, and mud hauls.

Turnaround Assistance & Management

New Direction Environmental can assist and execute your refinery or pipeline turnarounds. We evaluate your site and manage the turnaround/shutdowns of your site or refinery. Turnaround management requires us to do an extensive site evaluation and audit.

General Laborers

New Direction Environmental general laborers complete the final process of cleaning and disposal of products to include but are not limited to: painting, trash disposal, loading equipment, proper setup of site and all task project manager needs completed during operation that is not specified by specialized team members.

Specialized Office Assistant/Clerical

Our clerical office assistants can help with creating sales orders for Re-certification, making customer books for completed re-certifications, answering phones and direct calls pertaining to sales and operations, filing completed work orders and human resource documents and a host of other duties as assigned by supervisor. We train our office staff to comply with OSHA and EEOC.

We have experienced hydroblasters in hydroblasting/automation including 10K, 20K, and Ultra High 40K.

All team members are HazWOPER certified and we offer affordable HazWOPER training in Houston and the greater Houston area.


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